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E commerce is Easy @ Transecute.
The Transecute gateway allows your web site to securely
accept credit cards in real time.This saves you time and money,
Allowing you to trade 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Transecute Gateway has comprehensive online easy-to-use Merchant Backoffice interface. Our interface allows you as a Merchant to change your settings, view your transactions, configure your preferences and a lot more

Fraud Detection and Risk Mitigation While it does not prevent online business, Merchants have realised the importance of taking necessary measures to minimise losses occuring due to online fraud. It is important that the Payment Gateway you choose supports basic fraud detection and risk mitigation measures.

Financial transactions require ground up security measures. Starting from physical and datcenter security, OS and Application security, Firewall and Intrusion Detection Systems at the OS and Application layer, Database security, and finally Transaction security.

Comprehensive Merchant Interface
One more aspect to check from the beginning is the functionality provided by the Merchant interface. The types of reports available, the interfaces available for Searching transactions, Processing Captures and Refunds, requesting withdrawals etc.

Transecute Solutions Pvt Ltd
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USA : +1-617-715-0501
India : +91-9820017003

ONLY Indian Payment Gateway to offer complete Customisation and Branding of payment pages.

ONLY Indian Payment Gateway to use a symmetric key based checksum algorithm to exchange data

ONLY Indian Payment Gateway to offer advanced Heuristic Fraud Detection and Risk Management modules.
Ten Things to keep in mind when you select a Payment Gateway.
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Multi Currency Converter
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